Looking for Work

I'm in a strange place in my life, a cliff is before me and I don't know yet what is at the bottom. I might be diving into clear warm blue water, but I might be headed for the rocks. Either way, the future is pounding on the door and it won't wait much longer. 

My first three novels are finally ending their run with the publisher, and I am pulling the rights to re-publish them. They have been very well received, and the reviews are flattering, but I haven't been living well off the proceeds... by which I mean I quite literally haven't had any income for five years. Hopefully self-publishing the series will see some profit being directed my way, but I can't count on that to pay the rent. Writing is a strange business, it's famine until you feast. Some lucky writers make it to the NYT list, and pull in serious bank, some hit Hollywood magic and make millions, but most struggle, or have other jobs. It's time to admit I need one of those. So, what can I do?

I have a diploma in game design, but it's a few years old and I couldn't find work when it was fresh. The industry has moved forward, and my education is obsolete. $30,000 in loans are in the toilet. When I entered art school, the industry was booming, but when I graduated, the economy was in full collapse and companies were closing or moving (far) east. There was no work for a moderately talented and untested diploma holder with no real experience. The idea of breaking into that industry now, after years of not touching half the software, well, it's not a good plan anymore. Frankly, the idea of modelling crates for the evil EA empire is horrifying anyway. I'm a creator, not a wage goon (apologies and respect for those suffering under the tyrannical grip of EA, I could not endure what you endure). BUT! I did get something from that diploma. Something very valuable to me, and hopefully to the publishing world. I got experience in digital painting and design. Almost incidental to the purpose of the diploma, there was extensive training in photoshop. 

Mixed media, Maya 3D & Photoshop

Photoshop literacy, combined with my experience in writing, editing, and publishing equals a powerful opportunity. I have been designing my own cover art since my first novel. Iv'e gotten better at it along the way, entered contests, and refined the skills involved, it's actually fun, not just work. I almost can't finish a novel without stopping halfway to design the cover. It inspires me to write. So, why not do it for other people? Why not do it for a publishing house? Wish me luck my dear readers, this is where I leap off the cliff. In the immediate future, I will be submitting myself for inspection at several Vancouver and local publishing houses as an artist, designer, and copy editor. I can do that. I can do that well. Now, I just need to find work doing it. I have no idea if it's a good job market, and I have no idea if I will find a house that is worth working for. It's the rocks, or the water. 

Here's my portfolio, take a gander and wish me luck.


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