With love.

A letter to terrorists, regarding tonight's attack in England. (2017-05-22)

I address those who are the enemy of my world. Those who have sworn themselves against the West. This is not written in anger. It is a plea for peace. Please consider my words.

Regardless of race, religion, nationality, or any other factor, no one should ever have to experience something so horrible, so inhuman, as a bombing. No one, but least of all the very young. Innocents who had no role in international affairs, no understanding of war, no guilt of any kind on their souls, should never be put in harms way. This is the fundamental reason that terrorism will never work. It only begets hatred, and further misunderstanding. By attacking innocents, you only fuel the rage of your existing enemies, and engage the will of new enemies. Terrorism is a failed model. The West will never be defeated this way.

I understand that many of you engage in terrorism because you see suffering in your homeland and want revenge, or want to exact the same kind of suffering on your enemies as you endure. But there is a fundamental difference between the actions of your enemies, and events like tonight's. Even when innocents are the victims in both situations. The difference is that the West does not seek to cause suffering. We seek to prevent it. Our militaries attack targets that they have clear reason to believe are intending to cause suffering and violence. Sometimes, terrible mistakes have been made, but as a citizen of the West, I would never condone my government deliberately harming innocents. I do not believe that is ever their intention. If I thought my government or an international ally's government WAS deliberately attacking children, for any reason, in any context, I would be the first to protest. I would not accept it. I would engage in social rebellion. That action would be unacceptable. I ask you to refuse those in your own organisations who advocate the targeting of innocents. Those who do not understand that it is futile and counter-productive, those who do not empathise with children. They are not your ally. They are undoing your cause. There is no justification for terrorism. It is dishonourable, and shameful. And it will never work. There are better ways to meet your goals, no matter what they might be.

Peace is possible.

People in the West do not want any harm to come to you, we do not want war. We do not engage you for any reason but to bring stability and peace to the world. Perhaps our methods are wrong, but largely, we do not see any other way to prevent horrible events such as tonight's attack. The West is targeting those who target the innocent. Stop the violence, and the violence will stop. It HAS to start with you, because we will never stop doing everything in our power to prevent more tragedies like tonight's.

~ I am a man of peace. One voice in a raging storm. I hope I am heard. Blessed be.


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