The Girl Who Came From The Moon is finally complete. The First draft anyway, a juvenile fiction novel spinning the "magical teenager" genre on its head with hard science fiction replacing the fantasy element. My approach is one I have never seen before, that's not to say it's never been done, but at least it's new to me.

Seeking Publication

I have three books in edits now, in three different genres, and I am starting to look toward publisher submissions again. A gruelling and difficult process, filled with vast stretches of irritation, waiting, and disappointment. But this time, I think there will be a different outcome.
I've always been bad at submission packets. Every publisher has different requirements for submissions, every editor has their own preferred way to read new material. Some of them won't even look at hard copy anymore, and will throw even the most carefully prepared manuscript right into the trash without glancing at it. I understand this perfectly, but the lack of a standard model makes things much harder on writers. We cannot draft a form letter for broad submissions, each must be fine tuned. It's work worth doing though, and so I set myself to the task.
Most of them (editors) don't want art, which is a shame, because I love designing my own covers. Usually before the first few chapters are written, I'll stop and do a production cover to inspire the work. It helps me write, and it helps me explain the project to people. Visuals sell the work quite well I think. They say "Never judge a book by its cover," but everyone does. They always have, and I think to some degree, you should do just that. The more effort that goes into the cover, the more effort has probably gone into the whole production. A cheap and easy photo cover with stock models looking pretty, or a common nature setting background might very well hide a great book, but it's clear that no one cared too much about presentation. As a reader, that tells me something. If they don't explicitly forbid art, I think I should send it. It can't hurt can it? At the very least I can leave it here on my blog and website, and hope they find it when they are background checking.
Let me know what you think! I want to hear from you, find me on twitter or facebook or use the comments section below. And wish me luck!


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