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It's that time of year again.........

Coming in October: Part VII of my annual Halloween serial:

Re-read the story from the beginning on this blog today!
Every year in October, as the seasons change, I write and release one chapter or section of the story here on my blog. I began in 2012, and last updated it in 2017 with the new chapter, Part VI. Please read, and enjoy freely, but be advised, this is a horror story, and it is not family friendly. My vampires have teeth.

A journey into the mind-oven of a mad novelist.

Forgive my long absence from blogging dear readers, I do not forsake you, I only turn my eye to other ways of pleasing you. Since finishing the novel The Girl Who Came From The Moon, I have been working hard on a new juvenile fiction project, tentatively titled Rebecca Ravenwood, The Feylight. A contemporary Arthurian legend. I find myself writing a character very different from myself, and it is both fascinating and challenging to write from such a perspective. The titular character is not those things that I am, a straight white male of the age of majority. She is a gay British-Indian teenager. She is a perfect opposite, and yet, in her, I see parts of my soul that are very real and true.      I wonder sometimes if I may not have the right to write such a character. If I should leave to those who have experienced the relevant cultural issues firsthand to portray them in fiction. But I believe that it is in pop culture representation and normalisation that such people may become acc…