Part VIII of La Saveur de la Vie is NOW AVAILABLE
Dans le Sepulcre du Roi
Halloween draws near, and that means I return to my Halloween horror serial, La Saveur de la vie. This project has been ongoing since 2012. In essence it is a book written only in October, chapter by chapter, year by year. I write one chapter, and stop. A tale of blood and death written exclusively for my blog, and released onto the world free of charge. I do this because I love Halloween more than any other time of year. The veil between worlds thins, the ghosts come out to play, and all the world feels a kind of undeniable magic that either terrifies or thrills. In that dark night, we are all quite aware that there is more to this universe than that which we can rationalise in the light of day. 
So return dear reader, to New England, and to Annette, who we left starved and afraid, yielding to her dark passions. Return to Sebastian, the kind and poetic. Return to the callous and furious Joe, and his hunt for th…

Le Prédateur Annette

Part VII of Samuel Blondahl's La Saveur de la Vie.
Le Prédateur AnnetteA thrilling new chapter of Samuel Blondahl's ongoing annual Halloween Horror serial.  WARNING: This story contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised.

Click HERE or look for the link on the top of this blog.  Happy Halloween!

Inktober offerings

Inktober offerings, follow my twitter for more! @SamuelBlondahl
"Robyn," (Prompt: Tranquillity). Medium: Micron pen .04 mm

"Jughead," (Prompt: Drooling). Medium: India ink & quill.

It's that time of year again.........

Coming in October: Part VII of my annual Halloween serial:

Re-read the story from the beginning on this blog today!
Every year in October, as the seasons change, I write and release one chapter or section of the story here on my blog. I began in 2012, and last updated it in 2017 with the new chapter, Part VI. Please read, and enjoy freely, but be advised, this is a horror story, and it is not family friendly. My vampires have teeth.

A journey into the mind-oven of a mad novelist.

Forgive my long absence from blogging dear readers, I do not forsake you, I only turn my eye to other ways of pleasing you. Since finishing the novel The Girl Who Came From The Moon, I have been working hard on a new juvenile fiction project, tentatively titled Rebecca Ravenwood, The Feylight. A contemporary Arthurian legend. I find myself writing a character very different from myself, and it is both fascinating and challenging to write from such a perspective. The titular character is not those things that I am, a straight white male of the age of majority. She is a gay British-Indian teenager. She is a perfect opposite, and yet, in her, I see parts of my soul that are very real and true.      I wonder sometimes if I may not have the right to write such a character. If I should leave to those who have experienced the relevant cultural issues firsthand to portray them in fiction. But I believe that it is in pop culture representation and normalisation that such people may become acc…


The Girl Who Came From The Moon is finally complete. The First draft anyway, a juvenile fiction novel spinning the "magical teenager" genre on its head with hard science fiction replacing the fantasy element. My approach is one I have never seen before, that's not to say it's never been done, but at least it's new to me.
Seeking Publication
I have three books in edits now, in three different genres, and I am starting to look toward publisher submissions again. A gruelling and difficult process, filled with vast stretches of irritation, waiting, and disappointment. But this time, I think there will be a different outcome. I've always been bad at submission packets. Every publisher has different requirements for submissions, every editor has their own preferred way to read new material. Some of them won't even look at hard copy anymore, and will throw even the most carefully prepared manuscript right into the trash without glancing at it. I understand th…

Shameless self promotion

Self publishing is a difficult career, if you don't promote, no one will know your work exists, but advertising is expensive, and I don't have the capital. All I can do is reach out through social media, I tweet and I book faces, I attempt art photography on Instagram, with the occasional nod to my books. I'm on Goodreads too, and more people should do that. It's neat. But I'm still not making the kind of bank I need to. I mostly blame you. You clearly aren't buying enough books, I shouldn't need to do this, I should be selling a hundred copies a month. It's patently ridiculous that I should have to stoop to sales. Yech. But here we are. Click the links below, or the cover art to BUY  MY BOOKS and please review them on Amazon and Goodreads, reviews from users like you matter more than you know, and I would love to hear what you think. Happy New Year!

My latest book, an anthology of science fiction and adventure stories is available HERE

And the Anahita…