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Release Announcement

HOMO SUPERIOR And Collected Works
Is now available
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An eclectic collection of novellas and short fiction from Samuel Blondahl, author of The Anahita Chronicles. 

The screenplay:: THE MARTIAN MURDERS
And the short stories: Dirge of the Hummingbird Prince The Golden Peacock of Dambulla Devil's Lantern The Paper Forest Un Opera Per Miranda

Homo Superior is an adventure love story that begins with the creation of universe and ends in the apocalypse. This is a journey into the depths of Hades and onto the heights of Olympus.
The Dark Forever is a chilling deep space horror story inspired by The Lord of the Flies and Alien.
Nobody's Hero is a fun, fast paced, everyman turned superhero story.

The Martian Murders is a classic Science Fiction screenplay set in the 1960's and inspired by The Twilight Zone.(less)

With love.

A letter to terrorists, regarding tonight's attack in England. (2017-05-22)
I address those who are the enemy of my world. Those who have sworn themselves against the West. This is not written in anger. It is a plea for peace. Please consider my words.
Regardless of race, religion, nationality, or any other factor, no one should ever have to experience something so horrible, so inhuman, as a bombing. No one, but least of all the very young. Innocents who had no role in international affairs, no understanding of war, no guilt of any kind on their souls, should never be put in harms way. This is the fundamental reason that terrorism will never work. It only begets hatred, and further misunderstanding. By attacking innocents, you only fuel the rage of your existing enemies, and engage the will of new enemies. Terrorism is a failed model. The West will never be defeated this way.
I understand that many of you engage in terrorism because you see suffering in your homeland and want reveng…