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Cover unveiling

Cover unveiling of project in development. In final edits, and seeking publication now. Any interested persons or companies please contact me via:
Alt cover

Part VI ~ Le Monstre se Réveille

It's live! Click HERE for La Saveur de la vie ~ Part VI Le Monstre se Réveille

(Don't worry, it's not in French, just the chapter titles)

Running from 2012 to 2017, and into the future, La Saveur de la vie is an ongoing Halloween special novel project. Every year in October, as the seasons change, I write and release one chapter or section of the story here on my blog. Be advised, this is a horror story, and it is not family friendly. My vampires have teeth. 

One Big Happy Graveyard's new location

My new web comic One Big Happy Graveyard has a new home! Please visit
All issues are now available on that site, and more will be posted in the future.  Please enjoy irresponsibly!

One Big Happy Graveyard.

And now for something completely different.
I have dozens of these pencilled, and they are slowly getting photoshopped into life. Stay tuned for more, this blog is the birthplace of Samuel Blondahl's new web comic One Big Happy Graveyard!

Click HERE for episodes 5 & 6

Come back for more soon, and don't miss my ongoing Halloween Horror serial La Saveur de la vie. Link at the top of this page, Continues in October of every year!

The Anahita Chronicles

The Anahita Chronicles are now officially re-released and available on Amazon in paperback and kindle! Make sure you get the new edition sold by Amazon and myself, direct links are below, just click on the header or cover for paperback, kindle is listed underneath! These editions are self published and contain new, cleaner editing and better formatting than was previously available. The cover art is self designed and produced, with more attractive title layouts than previous editions. The story content remains unaltered, but the book is vastly improved with the new edit. I hope you enjoy and review freely. Thank you for reading!


The crew of the new star ship Mercury prepare for a short journey to Mars, both to test a miraculous new engine, and to serve in an assistance capacity to the first landing team to set foot on the red planet. Sabotage and mutiny strand Mercury and all hands deep in uncharted sp…

Release Announcement

HOMO SUPERIOR And Collected Works
Is now available
Click HERE to purchase on the Create-Space store
And click HERE to find it directly on Amazon

An eclectic collection of novellas and short fiction from Samuel Blondahl, author of The Anahita Chronicles. 

The screenplay:: THE MARTIAN MURDERS
And the short stories: Dirge of the Hummingbird Prince The Golden Peacock of Dambulla Devil's Lantern The Paper Forest Un Opera Per Miranda

Homo Superior is an adventure love story that begins with the creation of universe and ends in the apocalypse. This is a journey into the depths of Hades and onto the heights of Olympus.
The Dark Forever is a chilling deep space horror story inspired by The Lord of the Flies and Alien.
Nobody's Hero is a fun, fast paced, everyman turned superhero story.

The Martian Murders is a classic Science Fiction screenplay set in the 1960's and inspired by The Twilight Zone.(less)

With love.

A letter to terrorists, regarding tonight's attack in England. (2017-05-22)
I address those who are the enemy of my world. Those who have sworn themselves against the West. This is not written in anger. It is a plea for peace. Please consider my words.
Regardless of race, religion, nationality, or any other factor, no one should ever have to experience something so horrible, so inhuman, as a bombing. No one, but least of all the very young. Innocents who had no role in international affairs, no understanding of war, no guilt of any kind on their souls, should never be put in harms way. This is the fundamental reason that terrorism will never work. It only begets hatred, and further misunderstanding. By attacking innocents, you only fuel the rage of your existing enemies, and engage the will of new enemies. Terrorism is a failed model. The West will never be defeated this way.
I understand that many of you engage in terrorism because you see suffering in your homeland and want reveng…

Looking for Work

I'm in a strange place in my life, a cliff is before me and I don't know yet what is at the bottom. I might be diving into clear warm blue water, but I might be headed for the rocks. Either way, the future is pounding on the door and it won't wait much longer. 
My first three novels are finally ending their run with the publisher, and I am pulling the rights to re-publish them. They have been very well received, and the reviews are flattering, but I haven't been living well off the proceeds... by which I mean I quite literally haven't had any income for five years. Hopefully self-publishing the series will see some profit being directed my way, but I can't count on that to pay the rent. Writing is a strange business, it's famine until you feast. Some lucky writers make it to the NYT list, and pull in serious bank, some hit Hollywood magic and make millions, but most struggle, or have other jobs. It's time to admit I need one of those. So, what can I do…

Andromedae Appendix and dedication

This is the afterword to Book III of The Anahita Chronicles, Andromedae. I am re-releasing the series soon, and I had to re-type this, as I did it inspired me all over again. I wanted to post it here just to shout it from the rooftops.

Earth in the dark
Andromedae was difficult to write. Not because I didn't have a story to tell, and not because of the characters, who I love and who flow out of my fingertips easily, but because of the subject matter. Weapons of mass destruction are a reality in our world, and the will to use them is present. Our species is capable of terrible things. So upon our creation of a weapon capable of destroying planets, what would the response of an alien species be? If they have paid any attention to us, they would understand that we simply cannot be trusted with that power.   I have always been an optimist, and I am still, even in these troubled times (I re-type this in 2017). I believe in our potential and the inherent compassion within us. Humanity has…

A funny thing happened. It might have been ghosts.

A ghost threw a bit of glass at me today. Allow me to elaborate.
A while ago I was asked to join an amateur paranormal investigation group in a ghost hunt at a local museum. I spent the night there with them and took readings, talked to 'ghosts' and did the whole bit with enthusiasm. There was no real evidence, but It was appropriately creepy at points and the wind knocked things around once or twice, which was a nice touch. I spent the next couple weeks doing independent research, the paranormal group was not following up with anything and seemed not to be well organised in regards to any future hunts, so I took the initiative to return to the site myself with audio and video equipment and I really sank my teeth in.     Unfortunately it turned out to be a hoax perpetrated to increase tourism. My investigation turned up no evidence, but plenty of a lack of evidence. Their ghost, a purported serial killer, was supposedly hung by the province at the end of their life, and I fou…

The Dragon - short story

I wrote this as part of the 2014 Halloween short fiction contest. As a judge I am not eligible as an entrant to the contest, but I want to participate and encourage participation, so I posted this.

Entries must begin with those fated and potent words "It was a dark and stormy night." Entries should be 500-1000 words in length Entries are due by October 30th.

Visit  for more details! 

The Dragon. By Samuel Blondahl.

    It was a dark and stormy night. Two men sat on a grassy hillside overlooking a small rural town. Thunder broke in the sky above, and cold rain beat down in furious torrents, but neither man seemed disturbed by the foul mood of mother nature. Around them, the trees bent in the wind and dropped their remaining leaves in cascades. The storm was late in the season, coming in October, on the brink of winter. Below them, the town lights went dark as the storm knocked out power lines feeding electricity to the distant homes and businesses of t…

Bodies of Art & Sing for your supper - Short stories


South Cariboo Writers Guild challenge: Writing prompt.
"You are travelling through Europe on a long dreamed of vacation. You find yourself at The Louvre close to closing time. The crowds are slowly filtering out of the building, but something holds you back. You linger, even though a security guard will surely arrive soon to usher you out. But the guard never arrives, and you wander lonely, dimly lit hallways in a daze, feeling as if you have somehow strayed into a dream. A thump echoes behind you. Then another and another. You whirl around to see a man lying prone on the floor. Beyond him, more human figures dot the expanse of the wide corridor. In horror, you realise that the paintings are now empty of personages, and they all lay as if dead on the floor around you....."
Virgin_of_the_Rocks Leonardo da Vinci - Louvre version
Bodies of art. Samuel Blondahl
    I stood aghast and stared, my jaw open and my eyes wide. Shock held me fast. I tried to explain the sce…


You may have noticed that I'm not blogging a whole lot recently. I took down the old blog because I wanted to streamline the content and make it more focused on my work and less on the eclectic thought rambling that it had become.
I'm still very proud of The Anahita Chronicles, at the moment I am re-editing them from the original first draft with plans to re-release the entire trilogy after April of this year when the rights return to me. On that note, if you want a first edition, better get your copies now. The new editions will have new cover art and new forwards and afterwords and all that jazz. The content will be essentially the same, with no significant story alterations. As it is next to impossible to sell a book once it has been published without much financial success, I will be self-publishing that series for the immediate future. I will certainly consider serious offers from publishers however. The reviews were wonderful (4+ stars Amazon & Goodreads) and should…