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Looking for Work

I'm in a strange place in my life, a cliff is before me and I don't know yet what is at the bottom. I might be diving into clear warm blue water, but I might be headed for the rocks. Either way, the future is pounding on the door and it won't wait much longer. 
My first three novels are finally ending their run with the publisher, and I am pulling the rights to re-publish them. They have been very well received, and the reviews are flattering, but I haven't been living well off the proceeds... by which I mean I quite literally haven't had any income for five years. Hopefully self-publishing the series will see some profit being directed my way, but I can't count on that to pay the rent. Writing is a strange business, it's famine until you feast. Some lucky writers make it to the NYT list, and pull in serious bank, some hit Hollywood magic and make millions, but most struggle, or have other jobs. It's time to admit I need one of those. So, what can I do…

Andromedae Appendix and dedication

This is the afterword to Book III of The Anahita Chronicles, Andromedae. I am re-releasing the series soon, and I had to re-type this, as I did it inspired me all over again. I wanted to post it here just to shout it from the rooftops.

Earth in the dark
Andromedae was difficult to write. Not because I didn't have a story to tell, and not because of the characters, who I love and who flow out of my fingertips easily, but because of the subject matter. Weapons of mass destruction are a reality in our world, and the will to use them is present. Our species is capable of terrible things. So upon our creation of a weapon capable of destroying planets, what would the response of an alien species be? If they have paid any attention to us, they would understand that we simply cannot be trusted with that power.   I have always been an optimist, and I am still, even in these troubled times (I re-type this in 2017). I believe in our potential and the inherent compassion within us. Humanity has…