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The Girl Who Came From The Moon is finally complete. The First draft anyway, a juvenile fiction novel spinning the "magical teenager" genre on its head with hard science fiction replacing the fantasy element. My approach is one I have never seen before, that's not to say it's never been done, but at least it's new to me.
Seeking Publication
I have three books in edits now, in three different genres, and I am starting to look toward publisher submissions again. A gruelling and difficult process, filled with vast stretches of irritation, waiting, and disappointment. But this time, I think there will be a different outcome. I've always been bad at submission packets. Every publisher has different requirements for submissions, every editor has their own preferred way to read new material. Some of them won't even look at hard copy anymore, and will throw even the most carefully prepared manuscript right into the trash without glancing at it. I understand th…