Friday, 7 October 2016

October special

Samuel Blondahl's ongoing HORROR serial La Saveur de la vie. is now live on the new blog, with a NEW CHAPTER for October 2016! Click the link HERE or on the upper right side of the page on the sidebar. 

 La Saveur de la vie, or, The Flavour of Life, is a serial story with a new chapter released every year. This year marks part 5. It is the continuing tale of a newborn Vampire, alone, confused, on the run from vicious killers, and desperately fighting her own savage instincts.

Part IX Les Morts Lubriques

  Part IX of  La Saveur de la Vie,  Les Morts Lubriques is now live.  La Saveur de la Vie  is a serial horror novel, written in chapters eve...