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One Big Happy Graveyard.

And now for something completely different. I have dozens of these pencilled, and they are slowly getting photoshopped into life. Stay tuned for more, this blog is the birthplace of Samuel Blondahl's new web comic One Big Happy Graveyard! Click HERE for episodes 5 & 6 Come back for more soon, and don't miss my ongoing Halloween Horror serial La Saveur de la vie. Link at the top of this page, Continues in October of every year!

The Anahita Chronicles

The Anahita Chronicles are now officially re-released and available on Amazon in paperback and kindle! Make sure you get the new edition sold by Amazon and myself, direct links are below, just click on the header or cover for paperback, kindle is listed underneath! These editions are self published and contain new, cleaner editing and better formatting than was previously available. The cover art is self designed and produced, with more attractive title layouts than previous editions. The story content remains unaltered, but the book is vastly improved with the new edit. I hope you enjoy and review freely. Thank you for reading! BOOK I BOOK II BOOK III BOOK I - KINDLE BOOK II - KINDLE BOOK III - KINDLE BOOK I SYNOPSIS The crew of the new star ship Mercury prepare for a short journey to Mars, both to test a miraculous new engine, and to serve in an assistance capacity to the first landing team to set foot on the red planet.  Sabotage and mutiny stra