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To all the goth kids

  I update this site little more than once a year, and I know little of who may care. I am not doing this for clicks however, I am an artist painting a very large canvass under most unusual conditions. I am doing this because I am quite mad. On some distant horizon, this forgotten blog will be a book, and I will not let it slip, not this year, or the next, or ever, until it is simply, done. So with that in mind, my beloved reader, prepare. September is upon us, and that means Spirit Halloweens the world over are popping up. With the season of the pumpkin dawning, my mind grows wicked, my teeth grow long, and my heart fills with visions of sweet, violent Annette.  La Saveur De La Vie, Part XI  2022 Halloween Special Coming Soon Click here to begin the journey into darkness with Chapter I.