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Part VI ~ Le Monstre se Réveille

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! It's live! Click HERE for  La Saveur de la vie ~  Part VI ~  Le Monstre se Réveille (Don't worry, it's not in French, just the chapter titles)   Running from 2012 to 2017, and into the future,  La Saveur de la vie  is an ongoing Halloween special novel project. Every year in October, as the seasons change, I write and release one chapter or section of the story here on my blog.  Be advised, this is a horror story, and it is not family friendly. My vampires have teeth. 

One Big Happy Graveyard's new location

My new web comic One Big Happy Graveyard has a new home! Please visit All issues are now available on that site, and more will be posted in the future.  Please enjoy irresponsibly!