Sunday, 31 October 2021

La Saveur de la Vie. Part X

You didn't think I'd forgotten I hope? Part X is now live! Happy Halloween 2021!

La Saveur de la Vie.

Part X

Chasse à la lumière

2021 Halloween special.

Samuel Blondahl.


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La Saveur de la Vie is a serial horror novel, written in chapters every October starting in 2012. The most recent chapter Part X was posted on October 31th 2021. I forbid myself to write a single word of this story outside of the Halloween season. It is, and always will be, a free Halloween special exclusive to this blog.

Reader be warned, this story has graphic sex and violence, my vampires have teeth.

To all the goth kids

  I update this site little more than once a year, and I know little of who may care. I am not doing this for clicks however, I am an artist...