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Le Prédateur Annette

NOW AVAILABLE! Part VII of Samuel Blondahl's La Saveur de la Vie. Le Prédateur Annette A thrilling new chapter of  Samuel Blondahl's  ongoing annual Halloween Horror serial.  WARNING: This story contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised. Click HERE or look for the link on the top of this blog.  Happy Halloween!

It's that time of year again.........

Coming in October: Part VII of my annual Halloween serial: Re-read the story from the beginning on this blog today! Every year in October, as the seasons change, I write and release one chapter or section of the story here on my blog. I began in 2012, and last updated it in 2017 with the new chapter, Part VI   . Please read, and enjoy freely, but be advised, this is a horror story, and it is not family friendly. My vampires have teeth.

Shameless self promotion

I'm still not making the kind of bank I need to. I mostly blame you. You clearly aren't buying enough books, I shouldn't need to do this, I should be selling a hundred copies a month. It's patently ridiculous that I should have to stoop to sales. Yech. But here we are. Click the links below, or the cover art to BUY  MY BOOKS and please review them on Amazon and Goodreads, reviews from users like you matter more than you know, and I would love to hear what you think. Happy New Year! My latest book, an anthology of science fiction and adventure stories is available  HERE And the Anahita Chronicles are, as ever, available  HERE  (Book I), HERE  (Book II), and HERE  (Book III) respectively.