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Part VIII of La Saveur de la Vie is NOW AVAILABLE Dans le Sepulcre du Roi Halloween draws near, and that means I return to my Halloween horror serial,  La Saveur de la vie.  This project has been ongoing since 2012. In essence it is a book written only in October, chapter by chapter, year by year. I write one chapter, and stop. A tale of blood and death written exclusively for my blog, and released onto the world free of charge. I do this because I love Halloween more than any other time of year. The veil between worlds thins, the ghosts come out to play, and all the world feels a kind of undeniable magic that either terrifies or thrills. In that dark night, we are all quite aware that there is more to this universe than that which we can rationalise in the light of day.  So return dear reader, to New England, and to Annette, who we left starved and afraid, yielding to her dark passions. Return to Sebastian, the kind and poetic. Return to the callous and furious Joe, and his h