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Release Announcement

HOMO SUPERIOR And Collected Works Is now available Click HERE to purchase on the Create-Space store And click HERE to find it directly on Amazon An eclectic collection of novellas and short fiction from Samuel Blondahl, author of The Anahita Chronicles.  Includes the novellas:: HOMO SUPERIOR THE DARK FOREVER NOBODY'S HERO The screenplay:: THE MARTIAN MURDERS And the short stories: Dirge of the Hummingbird Prince The Golden Peacock of Dambulla Devil's Lantern The Paper Forest Un Opera Per Miranda Homo Superior is an adventure love story that begins with the creation of universe and ends in the apocalypse. This is a journey into the depths of Hades and onto the heights of Olympus. The Dark Forever is a chilling deep space horror story inspired by The Lord of the Flies and Alien. Nobody's Hero is a fun, fast paced, everyman turned superhero story. The Martian Murders is a classic Science Fiction screenpl