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You may have noticed that I'm not blogging a whole lot recently. I took down the old blog because I wanted to streamline the content and make it more focused on my work and less on the eclectic thought rambling that it had become. I'm still very proud of The Anahita Chronicles, at the moment I am re-editing them from the original first draft with plans to re-release the entire trilogy after April of this year when the rights return to me. On that note, if you want a first edition, better get your copies now. The new editions will have new cover art and new forwards and afterwords and all that jazz. The content will be essentially the same, with no significant story alterations. As it is next to impossible to sell a book once it has been published without much financial success, I will be self-publishing that series for the immediate future. I will certainly consider serious offers from publishers however. The reviews were wonderful (4+ stars Amazon & Goodreads) and sh