The Anahita Chronicles

The Anahita Chronicles are now officially re-released and available on Amazon in paperback and kindle! Make sure you get the new edition sold by Amazon and myself, direct links are below, just click on the header or cover for paperback, kindle is listed underneath! These editions are self published and contain new, cleaner editing and better formatting than was previously available. The cover art is self designed and produced, with more attractive title layouts than previous editions. The story content remains unaltered, but the book is vastly improved with the new edit. I hope you enjoy and review freely. Thank you for reading!


The crew of the new star ship Mercury prepare for a short journey to Mars, both to test a miraculous new engine, and to serve in an assistance capacity to the first landing team to set foot on the red planet. Sabotage and mutiny strand Mercury and all hands deep in uncharted space. The ship damaged, and the crew subject to the horror of knowing they may never see Earth again, they accidentally stumble across something that will shake our understanding of the universe.

A story of raw human determination, achievement, and curiosity, set against all too human hatred, madness, and fear. Samuel Blondahl’s Anahita Chronicles are thrilling and complex, a contemporary sci-fi epic like nothing that has come before.


Fourteen years after the discovery of the planet Anahita deep inside the Ursa Minor dwarf elliptical galaxy, humans have colonised the new world, and built a second star ship named Excalibur to establish a stronger presence and facilitate further exploration of Anahita and the universe. Anne Webber, daughter of the famous Mercury designer David Webber, takes the engineering seat on Excalibur’s maiden voyage, and drives straight into unexpected horror. The enigmatic and quiet alien race known as the Makhar have built a new battleship of their own under the auspices of long lost NASA astronaut Lieutenant Jane Hobbs. As a result, the human race is thrown into a dramatic conflict that threatens the future of the deep space program, the security of Anahita, and potentially all mankind.

The second novel in the Anahita Chronicles, WAR is a unique and gripping examination of humanity from the outside, both condemning and glorifying.


Overflow has been weaponized. The strange radioactive fluid that allows star ships to travel across the universe in the blink of an eye has properties not unlike antimatter. Its potential as a world killing weapon did not go unnoticed. Now, the American government has begun construction of a missile capable of reaching other planets and potentially annihilating them in a heartbeat. Russia has also nearly completed construction of their own star ship, and intends the same ultimate goal of Overflow weaponization... but Russia is not the enemy. Earth has been threatened by a new and unknown alien presence, beings who are are also capable of Overflow travel. A message threatening invasion has been received by SETI, originating from somewhere deep in the Andromedae constellation.

Blondahl provides a powerful story with themes that affect us all. The Anahita Chronicles continues to challenge our place in this vast universe.


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