Part XII COMING SOON! - 2023 Halloween Horror Serial.

Happy Halloween 2023!

Since 2012, I have been keeping this tradition up and I love it. I doubt six people have read this thing in its entirety, but it is one of my favorite stories. If you don't know what I'm talking about, ever year around Halloween, I put up a new chapter of my serial La Saveur de la Vie (or: The Flavour of Life), a sensual vampire blood-bath ripe for the season. Some chapters are shorter, some are longer, they all end precisely where they must. The story revolves around an angry young Vampire with unusual power named Annette, her sexy French sire Sebastian, and the villainous vampire neurosurgeon Dr. Matwau,  who wants her mutated brain for study and dissection. To add a splash of utter monstrousness, an ancient Roman vampire goddess named Zosimus has heard the urgent call of Annette's blood and woken from her tomb to roam the earth once again. 

Sound good? It is.

This is a good book, but admittedly a strange book, I've done surface edits over the years, and this year I ran the whole thing through grammarly for good measure, but it is almost completely as it was originally written, one year at a time, as I have evolved my style and craft. I am aware of nothing else quite like it as a literary experiment. The Halloween setting and theme have locked me into a perfect cycle of revisiting the tale every October, when shadows grow long, and goblins prowl. I look forward to it all year, I hope there are readers who do as well, though I honestly don't know.

The story is reaching its climax, and in the next couple years, it might be done. When that happens I'll publish it and start something new, but don't worry, it will definitely be something dark. 

La Saveur de la Vie: Part XII, Virginité et Innocence.


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