Monday, 19 September 2016

I'm baaaaack..

Salutations. I am Samuel Blondahl, author, artist, certifiable madman, and recently, film-maker. I have taken down my old blog and here you find yourself on my brand spanking new blog.

If you are unfamiliar with my work, I write books! Mostly Science Fiction, but I wander. My published work is The Anahita Chronicles.

The Anahita Chronicles are available now on 
A re-release is planned for next April, the covers shown below are not yet available.

I have several as yet unpublished manuscripts that I hope will be available before long, in the genres of science fiction, detective fiction, and fantasy.

The covers above are my artwork. I attended art school, focused on digital painting and 3D modelling, both art forms are blended for these covers (They may not be final designs). If you would like to see some more of my artwork, please head on over to my official website at : 

If you are a returning visitor, you may be glad to know that my ongoing Halloween serial -La Saveur de la Vie- will soon be updated right here, with a frightening new chapter for 2016 (Not until October my dear, patience!). If however, you are a newcomer, then allow me to set the tone and entice you into coming back. La Saveur de la Vie  is a passion project, I write one new chapter every year for Halloween. It is the continuing tale of a newborn Vampire, alone, confused, on the run from vicious killers, and desperately fighting her own savage instincts. Let's find out what happens to her this year together shall we? Come back in October.

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